The Grill Master's Coming Home!

June 11, 2012

While in Minnesota I had a chance to stop by my mother’s house and hang out with some friends and family. When it came time to eat, you can probably guess what happened…they wanted one thing and one thing only. You can bet they weren’t going to let me leave until they got it. Johnsonville Brats. And I of course was happy to oblige! After all, it was my grandpa’s 80th birthday! It really was the least I could do. Happy birthday Grandpa! I hope the Johnsonville Brats were a great substitute to cake! I sure think they are.

Trust Me, This Ain’t My First BBQ,
Ry – The Grill Master

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About The Grill

Providing more than just tasty-tailgate sausages at special events and retail locations across the country, the Big Taste Grill also raises money for local charities.

To date, the Big Taste Grill program has raised more than $3.5 million for a variety of charities nationwide, many of them local community organizations. In 2013 alone, the Johnsonville Big Taste Grill raised more than $130,000 for different organizations nationwide and served 121,325 brats during its 9-month tour.

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