The Johnsonville Serving Trailer, A Star?

August 25, 2012

After setting up in the middle of the night in front of The SPEED Network stage, we noticed something familiar on SPEED’s jumbo-tron the next day. It was a jumbo sized Johnsonville Brat on a jumbo sized screen! Coincidence? Absolutely not. After Race Nights on State Street we pulled into the track at around midnight and SPEED was already all setup. Our original plan was to keep the serving trailer and The Big Taste Grill in a straight line, but when we saw that we were right next to SPEED’s cameras we decided that we should turn that mobile billboard (the serving trailer) to face the cameras so that the whole world could see the big flavor being served up at Bristol. And our plan worked flawlessly! Fans were able to see that beautiful product placement all over their television screens. Rumor has it that quite a few fans saw that giant Johnsonville Brat on TV on Friday and were compelled to show up at the track on Saturday just to satisfy their cravings.

Trust Me, This Ain’t My First BBQ,
Ry – The Grill Master